Ultimate PD 2011 – 2017 Mercedes AMG 5.5 V8 M157 BiTurbo Cold Air Induction Kit

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The UPD Cold Air Induction Kit is a simple and clean bolt on kit to add instant horsepower by increasing air flow into the engine by over 30% . The UPD (CAIK) eliminates the restrictive air box inlet design found with the OEM air box and filters by raising the air filters up out of the inlet , adding a tested ultra high flow air filter, plus all hardware to give seamless a oem look and opening up the filter for 100% air flow VS only 55% with oem. The restrictive area directly under the air filters is also improved by up to 50%, so more air can flow under and across the filter. Our kit allows for maintaining a stock engine bay look but with cold air intake power flow gains! The UPD CAIK comes complete high flow, re-usable air filters, high quality aluminum brackets, spacers and special stainless steel German made hardware to bolt all engine covers and air filter box in a seamless kit. Our kit is designed and tested to work with our custom high flow air filters up 20 to 25 hp gains are attainable by adding the UPD Cold Air Induction kit. All cold air induction kits come in a blood red anodized . Dyno test show 23-25 rear wheel hp gains on a stock car . Tuned and moded cars will see higher gains. Customers have seen 18 hp plus over a K&N filter with the UPD cold air induction kit.


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Fits: Mercedes Model CLS63, E63, G63, ML63, GLS63, GL63, S63, SL63 Year 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015, 2016,2017 Engine M157


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