MBH E55 Longtube Headers

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MBH Motorsports E55 AMG long tube headers are the Gold Standard for the E55 AMG platform, which all other makes of headers are compared too. From a market saturated with mild steel and cheaper overseas headers offered by big name shops, something needed to change.

MBH Motorsports developed and tested our E55 AMG long tube headers in house with extensive dyno testing on a Dyno Dynamics dyno. We were consistently making about 45 wheel horsepower over stock with just long tube headers as the only modification. Gains on our E55 AMG long tube headers went beyond the 50+ wheel horsepower mark when they were paired with other modifications just as tuning, throttle body, or pulley.

MBH Motorsports is the first and only company making long tube headers for Mercedes-Benz and AMG that has a ‘”Horsepower Guarantee”.

 MBH Motorsports’ E55 AMG long tube headers are guaranteed to make you at least 40 wheel horsepower over stock. If you find that they do not, send them back and we will refund you. As always, all MBH Motorsports header systems come with a lifetime warranty. These E55 AMG long tube headers also fit the E500 with smaller connection pipes

* Mid-Section add-on parts are sold separately as options. Our mid-section allows the MBH Motorsports Header System to be 100% bolt-on. The Standard MBH Motorsports Mid-section does not come with an X-pipe (as show in picture above)

* X-Pipe option is an add-on part to the MBH Motorsports mid-section (as shown in picture above). The X-Pipe does not come standard with the mid-section.

* High flow cats is an add-on part to the MBH Motorsports mid-section. We will integrate the cats into the mid-section as a fixed piece (welded). MBH Motorsports cats can be used with X-Pipe option as well as removable test pipe option (non-welded) as well.

* Removable test pipe is an add on part to the MBH Motorsports mid-section. It will allow the MBH Motorsports high flow cats to be removable and replace with a non-catted straight-pipe for track use.

* MBH Motorsports mid-section and any of its add-on options will only work in conjucion with the MBH Motorsports long tube headers.


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Fits: 2003-2006 Mercedes E55 Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery


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