03-07 Mercedes AMG M113K Adjustable Crank Harmonic Balancer Pulley Kit

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The overdriven harmonic balancer/crank pulley kit is a replacement balancer assembly for the V8 M113K AMG 5.5 engine. This kit represents a seamless, strong and simple way to add boost, and horsepower to your supercharged Mercedes/AMG without making any permanent modification The performance balancer is the only complete kit on the market and out specs all other competitors,as the balancer is specifically desinged for the Supercharged Mercedes AMG V8 and not a universal balancer hub that just adapts to your high performance vehicle`s crankshaft. * Hard Nitride coated hub, * Hardened Chrome moly CNC machined steel balancer hub VS competitors mild steel hub. * SFI approved harmonic balancer * Ultra strong, interchangeable, and hard annodized aluminum boost rings * Kit comes complete with all parts needed (hub, water pump step pulley, ring of choice, ARP bolt, crank extension kit, and belt), The high performance balancer is precision CNC machined in the USA and installs directly in place of the factory unit. The balancer and crank ring assembly weighs only 12lbs, compared to 15lbs lbs for the factory steel unit. Installation of this kit removes significant rotating mass from the engines rotating assembly. Our ultra hardened aluminum CNC machined crank pulley rings bolt directly to the new balancer using the provided fasteners and are light but strong! Once the balancer assembly is installed, changing the outer ring to adjust the boost level is simply a matter of six allen head fasteners. Ring sizes available are 172mm, 180mm, 185mm. PLEASE SPECIFY OUTER RING SIZE ON CHECK OUT.


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